How to contribute

Getting Started as TRON Community Developers

TRON is a global, open-source platform for decentralized applications.

Thank you for considering to help out with the source code! We welcome contributions from anyone on the internet, and are grateful for even the smallest of fixes!

GitHub is used to track issues and contribute code, suggestions, feature requests or documentation.

If you'd like to contribute to TRON, please fork, fix, commit and send a pull request (PR) for the maintainers to review and merge into the main base. If you wish to submit more complex changes though, please check up with the core developers first on our channel to ensure those changes are in line with the general philosophy of the project and/or get some early feedback which can make both your efforts much lighter as well as our review and merge procedures quick and simple.

Your PR will be reviewed according to the Code Review Guidelines.

We encourage a PR early approach, meaning you create the PR the earliest even without the fix/feature. This will let core developers and other volunteers know you picked up an issue. These early PRs should indicate 'in progress' status.

Developer Community

Check TRON Incentives Policy

Submitting a TIP

Please check Submitting a TIP

Coding java-tron

Please check Coding java-tron

Reporting Vulnerabilities

We think highly of all the security bugs in the TRON project seriously. Thank you for improving the security of TRON project. We really appreciate your efforts and responsible disclosure. We will make every effort to acknowledge your contributions.

Report security bugs at

A developer from the core devs will follow up the issue. Firstly, we will confirm the bug and determine the affected versions. Secondly, we will try to find any potential similar bugs. Then we will do the fix and prepare for the release.

After the initial reply to your report is sent, we will try to keep you informed on the progress towards the fix. The core devs may ask you for additional information or guidance.

If you have suggestions on how this process could be improved, please submit a pull request.

Writing Documentation

There are two documentation repositories: documentation-en is the English version. documentation-zh is the Chinese version.

We use MkDocs to build documentation project. Documentation source files are written in Markdown, and configured with a single YAML configuration file.

You can edit or add a documentation file in /docs/ folder.