Issue Work Flow

We encourage community contributors to participate in the submission and discussion of Java-tron issues. You can submit your questions or ideas in the form of issues, or participate in issue discussions or help to provide solutions. Your every question or comment is driving Java-tron's development. We thank you for your contribution to Java-tron.

Submit an Issue

If you encounter java-tron related problems or find related bugs, you are welcome to submit an Issue, but please respect the following rules:

  • Search for existing issues

    Please check to see if someone has already reported your issue or requested your idea, this will not only solve your problem quickly but also avoid duplicate issues.

  • Submit an issue

    Please select the type of issue you want to report and fill in the issue content according to the template requirements.

    • Ask a question - Please elaborate on the problem you encountered, the results you expected, and the results you actually saw, so community participants can better understand your problem and come up with a solution faster.
    • Report a bug - In addition to clarifying the problem, the expected behaviour, and the actual behaviour, the steps to reproduce the bug should also be described, and the java-tron log and backtrace when the problem occurs should be attached.
    • Request a feature - Please clarify why should this feature exist,what are the use-cases,do you have ideas regarding the implementation of this feature and are you willing to implement this feature.

Issue Handling Process

The issue handling process is as follows:

  1. Tag Issues - We hold weekly meetings to categorize Issues and tag Issues with appropriate Labels.
  2. Assign an Issue - Assign an Issue to one or several community core developers, and the core developers will participate in Issue investigations and discussions.
  3. Community Discussion - anyone can participate in the investigation and discussion of the Issue, and write their thoughts or opinions in the comments, and the solution to the problem can be obtained from the community discussion.
  4. Close the Issue - Issue submitters can close the Issue at any time. When the issue is resolved, or it has not been discussed by the community for a long time, we will close the Issue. Issue submitters or other users can also reopen the Issue as needed.

Issue Labels

Use the following labels according to the Issue feature:

  • topic
    • topic: Block/Transaction
    • topic: Build
    • topic: Consensus
    • topic: DB
    • topic: Deployment
    • topic: Documentation
    • topic: Event subscribe
    • topic: gRPC/HTTP api
    • topic: Net
    • topic: Performance
    • topic: Resource manage
    • topic: Shielded Transaction
    • topic: Smart contract
    • topic: Solidity
    • topic: Testnet/Privatenet
  • type

    • type: Announcement
    • type: Bug
    • type: Enhancement
    • type: Feature Request
    • type: Manual
    • type: Other
    • type: Question
  • resolution

    • resolution: Duplicated
    • resolution: Needs More Information
    • resolution: Wontfix
  • improvement