Run the FullNode with IDEA

This document aims to facilitate developers with some experience to run the FullNode with IDEA.

The following is for the master branch of java-tron.

Configure IDEA

The configuration of IDEA

  • Oracle JDK 1.8 OpenJDK is not currently supported

  • Install Lombok plugin

  • Tick Enable annotation processing

Deployment guide

1.Create a directory /deploy

mkdir deploy

2.Clone the latest code

git clone

3.Switch to the master branch

cd java-tron
git checkout -t origin/master

4.Compile the code

./gradlew build
The compilation process may take some time, please be patient. If the compilation is successful, you can see the information similar to the following:

If you do not want to perform unit test tasks, you can run the following command:

./gradlew build -x test

5.Start the FullNode

After compiling successfully, you can find the main function file through the path java-tron / src / main / java / org / tron / program / and then start a full node.

After starting, you can check the log to verify whether the startup is successful. The log path is: /deploy/java-tron/logs/tron.log. If the startup is successful, you can see the following logs:

Also,you can use this command like tail -f /logs/tron.log to view the real-time log, as follows: